Hey, I'm Stephan Schultz

I develop apps. This page is about me and the stuff I make.



If you haven't met me in person yet, simply imagine a guy who prefers doing what he enjoys all day long. I live in Potsdam and work in Berlin, travel quite a lot and attempt to have fun wherever I go. My passion is anything that can be programmed but I also enjoy photography and photo manipulation.

Scroll down to get an idea of who I am and what I do. If you don't find what you are looking for or if you want to know more, feel free to get in touch.

Things I Like


Whenever I go outside you'll probably find me carrying a bagpack with my DSLR and a few lenses. I love capturing the world around me and creating promotional photos of my products. Head over to my portfolio website for more.

Hardware & IoT Hacks

Roomlight adapting to your music? Couch with motion sensors? Table with NFC tags? Laser-cut autonomous robots? 3D printed catapults? Powerplugs that detect when you are home? Welcome to my world!

My Dog
Pizza & BBQ
Board Games

Nerd Stats

[time] 0 new app users downloaded my Android, iOS & BB apps
[time] 0 app sessions in my apps made people's life easier
[time] 0 pirated app users got busted for illegal usage of my apps
[time] 0 support requests handled via mails and social networks
[time] 0 unique visitors enjoyed content from my websites
[time] 0 server requests handled by my webservers
[time] 0 datastore ops performed on my API backends
[time] 0 people cared that these stats are actually legit

Honors & Awards

Hackathon Awards

I love attending hackathons all around the world. Meeting like-minded people and creating stuff in just a few hours always motivates me to sacrifice a weekend.

  • smartphone
    POST /bank1st place
    Berlin, awarded by Postbank

    Developed a seamless auhentication mechanism to verify bank transactions using Microsoft cognitive services. Also won the grand final in Bonn, after pitching infront of the executive board and press representatives.
    Award: 20.000€, Team size: 4, Date: March 2017

  • watch
    Hack'n Wear1st place
    Berlin, awarded by Salesforce

    Developed IntelliQ.me, a smart queue management system for iOS, Android, and the Web. Later pitched infront of 3k people at the Salesforce World Tour Keynote in Munich.
    Award: 5.000€, Team size: 3, Date: June 2015

  • laptop
    Hacker Island 2
    Crete, hosted by Edenred

    Prototyped corporate service web applications for Edenred together with 15 of Edenreds top managers. Pitched infornt of Edenreds top executives and 300 employees.
    Award: 1 week all inclusive in Greece, Team size: 1, Date: May 2015

  • tablet
    Apps World Hackathon2nd place
    Berlin, awarded by Wincor Nixdorf

    Developed ReMerchant, an Android app for the Wincor Nixdorf Albert device for in-house customer tracking via Bluetooth.
    Award: 1.000€, Team size: 2, Date: April 2015

  • watch
    GDG DevFest3rd place
    Berlin, awarded by Google

    Built the Halli Galli game as a multiplayer webapp using Polymer, buzzed by bump events coming from Android Wear devices from each connected player.
    Award: 3 Android Wear devices, Team size: 3, Date: November 2014

  • smartphone
    SAP DemoJam1st place
    Berlin, awarded by TechEd audience

    Pitched Remote Farm - the project that just won the SAP InnoJam one day before - infront of 2k people attending the SAP TechEd fair.
    Award: fame, press and promotions, Team size: 2, Date: November 2014

  • smartphone
    SAP InnoJam1st place
    Berlin, awarded by SAP

    Developed Remote Farm, an app and a piece of hardware that provides the possibility to plant, water, fertilize, and harvest your own plants in real life.
    Award: IoT devices, Team size: 5, Date: November 2014

  • watch
    HackZurichGoogle Award
    Zurich, awarded by Google

    Developed Remotify for Android Wear, allowing you to control any device with network access using an Android Wear powered watch.
    Award: 3 Android Wear devices, Team size: 3, Date: October 2014

  • smartphone
    Digital Island Hackathon
    Sardinia, hosted by Edenred

    Developed Share My Fun, a reward based Android app which you can use to invite the closest people in a community to share a free drink or similar.
    Award: 1 week all inclusive in Sardinia, Team size: 1, Date: June 2014

  • smartphone
    TechMeetups Mobile Apps Hackathon1st place
    Berlin, awarded by Amazon

    Developed an Android app for the Kindle Fire HD, allowing collaborative event planning with integration of multiple Amazon APIs for an in-app shopping experience.
    Award: 2 Kindle Fire HDX, Team size: 2, Date: September 2013

  • smartphone
    Sennheiser Hackathon1st place
    Potsdam, awarded by Sennheiser

    Developed a party remote Android app for collaborative music selection during events.
    Award: Sennheiser headphones, Team size: 1, Date: August 2013

  • smartphone
    MLOVE HackCamp1st place
    Castle Beesenstedt, awarded by MLOVE

    Developed IntelliTasks, an intelligent collaborative task assignment app.
    Award: Founder Scholarship, Team size: 2, Date: June 2012

Miscellaneous Honors

Here's a list of the IT related things that I achieved without attending hackathons, including physical and virtual certifications.

  • class
    Digital Innovation Award
    Palo Alto, awarded by SAP

    Got credited for tireless effort & teamwork during the Innotakeoff competition in Palo Alto. Awarded by the CIO Center for Digital Leadership & the Managing Director of Silicon Valley Labs.
    Award: Certificate of achievement, Date: March 2016

  • class
    MINT Award for IT
    Nürnberg, awarded by audimax

    The MINT Award is a yearly, German wide honoring. The Remote Control Collection has been selected as a winner for IT by representatives from bitkom, GI, MINT, DATEV and audimax.
    Award: Certificate and 500€, Date: September 2015

  • grade
    Top Developer
    Potsdam, awarded by Google

    Received the badge for my Google Play developer account. "Top Developer is a badge hide-on-small-only recognizing established, respected developers for their commitment to launching high-quality and innovative apps on Android." - Google
    Award: Badge, Date: June 2015

  • class
    Microsoft Technology Associate
    Potsdam, awarded by Microsoft

    Passed the MTA certification exam for Database Fundamentals. Checked topics: Core Database Concepts, Creating Database Objects, Manipulating Data, Data Storage, and Administering a Database.
    Award: Certificate, Date: April 2013

  • payment
    Startupbootcamp Wildcard
    Berlin, awarded by Startupbootcamp

    Pitched the Remote Control Collection at the Startupbootcamp Wildcard Competition and got selected as a winner. Got offered 25.000€ in seed funding, free office rooms and mentoring. Traded that in exchange for a university place at the HPI.
    Award: Experience, Date: June 2012

  • class
    Bundeswettbewerb für Informatik
    Potsdam, awarded by Fraunhofer IUK

    Participated at the BwInf round 1 and received the first price. Got invited from the HPI to a special training camp.
    Award: Certificate, Date: December 2011

Jobs & Employment

I've been working for different companies in the past and gained valuable experience during that time. Today I'm leading a team at neXenio, working on seamless authentication.

    Android development in Berlin

    I am leading a team working on behavior based, seamless authentication using nothing but the sensors from a user's devices. You can learn more about this project at seamless.me.
    October 2016 - Today

    Hasso Plattner Institute
    Android development in Potsdam

    I was leading the Android section of the Mobile Developer Group at the HPI for 2 years, introducing students and everyone who is interested to Android development and giving talks about advanced topics. I was coordinating developer groups working on larger projects and organized regular meetups.
    October 2013 - June 2015

    Android development in Berlin

    Developed prototypes for OUTFIITERY's mobile app on Android, based on their existing iOS counterpart. Implemented Google's design guidelines and matched the existing corporate design for a smartphone and tablet optimized version.
    August 2014 - October 2014

    IPS Carsten Ilwig
    Web development in Ludwigsfelde

    Developed a backend (PHP server) for managing and exchanging internal orders. Provided an API and integrated it into existing customers Windows software (.NET Framework).
    August 2013 - October 2013

    Web development in Berlin

    Developed the backend (Node.js server) for one of Ozone's projects, called Might. Also created product websites for desktop and mobile.
    August 2012 - September 2012

    T&T Datentechnik
    .NET development in Ludwigsfelde

    Developed internal management tools in VB and C#, integrated them in existing T&T products (.NET Framework).
    July 2011 - March 2012

    ALLY Systemhaus
    .NET development in Berlin

    Developed internal tools providing automated solutions to support ALLY employees in cunsulting, support and product shipment.
    January 2011 - December 2011

I've also worked on my own projects for quite a while now, which I deliver through my own businesses. A lot of time has flown into my own products, you can read more about them in my portfolio.

    Co Founder

    IntelliQ.me is a smart system to manage waiting queues and offers estimations about remaining waiting time. I founded the startup with 2 of my fellow students and developed the Android app, website and API backend.
    June 2015 - December 2019


    Steppschuh is my private business, which I use to deliver my software and for freelance jobs.
    April 2012 - Today


Hasso Plattner Institute

I studied IT Systems Engineering at the HPI in Potsdam and graduated as a Bachelor of Science in August 2016. By bachelor project was "Passwords are Obsolete - User Authentication through Wearables and Mobile Devices", you can find my thesis on GitHub.

  • Mathematical and Theoretical Basics

    Mathematics I & II
    Theoretical Computer Science I & II

  • Basics of IT-Systems Engineering

    Introduction to Programming Techniques I & II
    Introduction to Digital Systems
    Software Architecture

  • Software Engineering and Modeling

    Modeling I & II
    Software Technology
    Process-oriented Information Systems

  • Software-based Systems

    Operating Systems
    Database Systems

  • Internet & Security Technologyspecialization

    Internet and WWW Technologies
    Advanced topics on Internet and WWW Technologies
    Internet Security - Weaknesses and Targets
    IT in Healthcare

  • Human Computer Interactionspecialization

    Designing Interactive Systems
    Computer Vision

  • Legal and Economic Basics

    Law for Engineers I & II
    Introduction to Economics

  • Soft Skills

    Project Development and Management
    Introduction to Design Thinking

Oberstufenzentrum Luckenwalde

2012 I made my high-school diploma at the OSZ-TF in Luckenwalde with focus on Media and Design Technology.


2006 I started my A level at the MCGym in Ludwigsfelde but switched to the OSZ-TF 6 years later because of their focus on technology.