Chilling Vibes – App Engine

After being featured on Reddit and Vsauce3, Chilling Vibes generated so much traffic that my hosting service was not able too keep the site up and it crashed the server farm. I decided to rebuild the site from scratch and host it on Google’s App Engine to be sure that the site can scale up properly.

New backend

I got rid of the old PHP backend and created a new one in Google Go. I also switched from my SQL database to Google’s BigTable storage system. It took some time to get used to it at first, but when the main functionality was up and running I even added some new features just because it was such a small effort.

Mucis submission

The new Chilling Vibes has some new pages, one of them allows anyone to submit music to the site. The user just has to paste a YouTube video url and the site will parse the track meta data automatically.

Chilling Vibes

Vote page

Other users can listen to submitted tracks on the new fresh page. They can up- or downvote tracks to generate a ranking. High ranked tracks will be added to the main page.

Chilling Vibes

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